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Conservation WorkConservation Work

Environmental movements arise as progress begins to threaten the balance between nature and humanity. Creative Edge Landscapes continues to be in the foreground of environmental issues and protection, taking a distinct interest in celebrating our state’s water-rich stature and protecting its natural resources.

Representatives will assist you in developing projects that leave a lighter footprint on our natural areas through restoration, stabilization, protection, and appreciation.

Shoreline / Stream Bank

a-jacks, bioengineering, native plants, boulder toe protection, riprap, reshape bank, bio-log, pre-vegetated blanket, log spur, wave wattles, erosion control, buffer planting


plant identification, prescribed burns, vegetation removal/clearing, wildlife habitat structures, recreational paths, management, restoration, understory planting, food plots


restoration, woody weed control, creation, supplemental planting, mowing, recreational paths, prescribed burns, native plant identification

Erosion Control / Stormwater Harvesting

vertical/horizontal spreader, rain/infiltration garden, creative grading, check dam, permeable pavers, trench drain, pre-vegetated blanket, swale, native planting, drainage system, gravel basin