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Design & ConsultationDesign & Consultation

Planning and gathering information are the first steps in making a wise landscape investment. Representatives from Creative Edge Landscapes use your vision to guide them as they create landscape designs that provide a unique sense of place.

Our designers account for use, function, continuity, aesthetics, and practicality. Experience unique outdoor spaces rooted in the principles of the past and inspired by promises of the future.

Landscape Plans

commercial, residential, hardscaping, planting, lighting, shoreline,stormwater / drainage

Conservation Plans

Environmental issues coming to the forefront of political debate and action has generated the need for increasing documentation of conservation efforts. Every year more local, state, and federal agencies require permits for everything from land disturbance to tree trimming and removal.

Unlike landscape plans, conservation plans are a document containing text or other supporting materials that describe existing vegetation and site conditions while proposing improvements to a property. Several local governments, such as the Walworth County Land Use and Resource Management Department, require such documents that permit vegetation removal projects near the shoreline.

Sections / Elevations / Details / Schematics / Rendering

arbor, gate, fence, gazebo, bridge, rain garden, drainage, erosion control, shoreline / stream bank stabilization techniques


Almost every type of improvement project needs a permit to commence. Obtaining a permit seems like a daunting task often requiring scaled drawings, detailed legal information about the property, and a completed application form. While most permit applications come with a comprehensive set of instructions, missing one component can delay issuance of the permit.

Our experience and familiarity with permitting procedures helps expedite the process. Creative Edge Landscapes in partnership with Dave Meyer, owner of Wetland & Waterway Consulting, LLC. Have successfully filed permits for projects with varying degrees of complexity.

Consultation Services

stormwater, tree / plant health, insect / disease, project oversight, site analysis, invasive species management, maintenance, tree & plant identification