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MillWorks DivisionMillWorks Division

We proudly introduce the MillWorks Division, developed in November 2011.  This division celebrates urban forestry by raising urban logs to a higher potential in the form of hardwood and softwood construction materials.

Trees removed for safety, property improvement, and other reasons are salvaged and returned to a regionally based market for use in cabinets, flooring, furniture, siding, etc.  This practice allows us to recycle our local resources into a high quality product that presents unique coloring and character.

We currently process and stock approximately fourteen different native species from Wisconsin.  We procure local logs from area tree trimming operations and through our own landscape projects.  The logs are milled into rough sawn planks, kiln dried, and stacked in our facility for purchase as a rough construction material.

The division added tooling in the spring of 2013 to provide our customers with additional surfacing and straight line ripping services, as well as unfinished products like dimensional lumber, fire place mantles, wide-plank flooring, trim, and trailer decking.  The lumber produced from our urban resources creates a distinctive look that cannot be replicated by conventional lumber processes, extending the life of this wonderful resource for generations to come.

Contact us to get more information about milling trees from your property for use in home improvement projects you may be considering.